intercultural communication and cultural awareness

Diversity and global management is a key factor to success:

  • Do you intend to employ someone from a different culture and wish to prepare yourself for his/her culture and traditions.
  • Maybe you wish to prepare your employees for a future assignment abroad and to create cultural awareness?
  • Are you planning to expand your business into a different country?
  • Perhaps one of your employees is being sent abroad?
  • Are you facing challenges in an intercultural team and need support to bring harmony to the group?

We support you in the development of your intercultural business etiquette. Do you have an international team or plan to hire a person from a different cultural background, maybe a refugee? What will expect you?

For a successful intercultural business relationship, diligent preparation for cultural differences is essential. Respect for culture of the new employee, as well as interest for other’s traditions is not only important but necessary. Climb into the culture of new employees and show interest in their traditions and customs. In this way you pay respect and appreciation to your employees. Which cultural differences do exist? Which education and/or apprenticeship does he/she have? How was he/she shaped by her origin/line of descendant?

intercultural business relationship

Also for a successful intercultural business relationship, precise prearrangement is necessary. Climb into the culture of your business partner and show interest in their traditions and customs. Do show respect and real appreciation for their culture.

By offering workshops and coaching, inspired IDENTITY supports you during your immersion in the world of your business partner.

All our experts have international experiences in the culture of the region(s) they are supporting.

Our aim - to enable rewarding international business contacts and transactions for your company.